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Marketing Module


Build stronger relationships with your retail partners and improve your in-store marketing 

With this new collection of dashboards, brands and vendors can now identify marketing opportunities and measure marketing performance within their connected retail stores. Ready to get started? Request a demo to learn more about how this addition to Bridge can support your retail marketing.

What comes with the Bridge Marketing Module?

You’ll get access to ten dashboards built around amplifying how you market your brand within cannabis retail. These dashboards are centered around three core functions: Inventory, Customer Demographics, and Promotions Analysis.

Inventory Dashboards

Pinpoint which products need marketing support and determine what you’ll need to prep for a campaign.

Dashboards included:

  • Slow Moving Products
  • Special Order Inventory
Inventory Screenshot

Customer Demographics

Understand who your customers are at any given store and how they differ from other locations.

Dashboards included:

  • Customer Segmentation Across Stores
  • Customer Segmentation: Selected Stores
  • Demographics
  • New Customer Cohorts
Customer Segmentatio Across Stores Screenshot

Promotions Analysis 

Track the impact of a marketing campaign during promotions and after they’re complete.

Dashboards included:

  • Demand Planning: Holiday Bump Analysis
  • Pick Stores
  • Promotions Analysis Stores
  • Promotions Analysis Products
Promotions Analysis Stores Screenshot

Ready to get started?

Request a demo to learn more about how this new addition to Bridge can support your collaboration with retailers.

For more general information on Bridge, our vendor managed inventory software, see our services page.

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