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An integration to streamline your marketing campaigns


Target your core customer segments and further personalize your marketing efforts with this new API integration. Learn more about our game changing retail marketing solution with a demo from our team. Request a demo

Advanced segmentation

Message your "Can't lose" segments who are at risk, or send your most engaged "Champions" a deal for an upcoming in-store promotion or vendor day.  

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Comprehensive analytics

A single source of truth to understand your customer base and reduce the time spent developing campaigns & messaging.



About springbig

Springbig is the leading loyalty, crm and text marketing platform built specifically for the cannabis industry. Learn more about how they can help your retail business. Get in contact


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Explore a variety of retail and dispensary tools that power services that drive additional customers and revenue streams, provide data warehousing capabilities to merge your business data beyond the POS, or even help you get a new retail location started.